I did a course of mama and baby yoga with Joey and I can’t recommend it enough. She absolutely radiates positivity, she totally understands what it is to be a mum with a baby, and she creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere which, while it follows a steady and fun rhythm, anything goes. The mums on my class really enjoyed her guidance and company and the baby’s love it too! Can’t wait to go back.

Amy Saunders and baby Nancy



Postnatal Mum and Baby Classes

Active and nourishing classes that support you in your journey to reconnecting to your body after giving birth.  Classes focus on rebuilding strength and core muscles, stretching out tired shoulders and backs, connecting with baby and creating emotional, as well as physical wellbeing through relaxation and breathwork.  Classes are interactive and don't leave baby in the corner! Expect baby yoga, massage, fun and giggles as you interact with your little one.

Crawlers to walkers 4 week course

Is your baby on the move? Whether they are crawling or walking come along to stretch out, sing, connect with little one and maybe even relax at the end! Classes are fun and engaging with a relaxed atmosphere. Bring some toys along with you and enjoy the time to focus on your body, meet new people and have fun, while baby plays and makes some new friends too!  The January course will be the last before I go on maternity leave. 


Classes are also a great way to meet other lovely, like-minded Mums and babies, sharing similar experiences at this important time. We have a monthly group lunch after class, a monthly meet up where partners and older children are welcome and a WhatsApp group that means you are part of a community on your doorstep. 

Our classes are in person, but we also live stream from the class so you and your little one can join in from home if you are unable to attend. Your online class booking confirmation email will contain the link to your class and if you cannot make it then you will be sent the recording to do it at a time that works for you. If you are booking through MoveGB, please check in to the class to have access to the link.

Thursdays at Elephant House: 

1.30 - 2.45pm - Mum and Baby Yoga (from 6 weeks) (8 after cesarean). 

Also available on MoveGB

Postnatal classes and booking


Bristol Sling Library 

Advice and help in finding and adjusting the right sling for you

Frequently asked questions

When can I start Post Natal Mum and Baby Yoga?

These classes are suitable from 6 weeks after vaginal delivery affter you have had your check-up, might want to wait 8 weeks if you have had a C-section to give the body more time to heal. It can be a good idea to check with your Doctor or midwife before starting.

Can I feed my baby in class?

Yes. It is fine for babies to feed, need a cuddle, have a nappy change, cry or sleep before, during and after class.

What do I do if my baby cries?

It is absolutely fine for babies to cry and I will support you as much as I can with walking them around if they just want to know what’s going on!

Will I meet other Mums?

Yes, we have a community of like-minded mums and a WhatsApp group for sharing questions, organising things outside of yoga (such as First Aid Courses) and sharing advice and support. As a group, we go for lunch once a month after class at Kate’s Kitchen in The Southville Centre. We also meet at The Tobacco Factory once a month where partners and older siblings are also welcome and you will see some of the bumps you knew from Pregnancy Yoga.

Have you had to do a special training to teach Mums and Babies?

Yes, I am trained with Birthlight who are the original trainers of Baby Yoga in the UK and around the world. These classes focus on doing yoga with baby not to baby and we never leave baby in the corner! We focus on supportive positive interaction between parent and baby, as well as a really good stretch out for much, reconnecting with the body, strengthening pelvic floor, breathwork and relaxation.

What should I wear?

Both you and baby should wear loose, stretchy clothing (no jeans) with bare feet to help you balance and develop their sense of touch.

I have prolapse, tight or weak pelvic floor can I still come?

Yes, there are some postures you may need to avoid and some that can help reduce or even alleviate the symptoms of your prolapse. Yoga can also help to strengthen a weak pelvic floor and release a tight pelvic floor when the right breathwork and asanas are done with an awareness of where the pressure should go. I will help you with this in class, but please let me know about the severity of your prolapse or issues with your pelvic floor prior to coming.

How much are the classes and how do I book?

The first class is £12 and can be a drop in class. From then on you will need to book blocks of 6 for £70. These do not need to be consecutive and are valid for an eight week period. You are welcome right up until babies are 1 years old. You can book using the link further up this page, or through MoveGB.

Can I come with twins?

Absolutely, I always welcome Mums with twins and I will normally help throughout class, interacting with one of the babies and then swapping halfway through.

Is this the right class for me?

I want to make sure that you really love your time at Joey Yoga, which is why I suggest doing a drop-in class first to check you love it as much as the other Mums and babies. If you are not sure, why not check out my reviews on Google and Facebook to see what other Mums thought.

When are the classes?

Tuesdays 11-12.15am at The Southville Centre in the Beauley Room

How do I cancel a class?

You can cancel up to 24 hours before class. After that point you will still be charged, but please do let me know, so I know how many to expect.

What does being on the waitlist mean?

It means the class is full, but if someone cancels then you will be added to the class.

Anything else?

There is no such thing as a silly question, so please do get in touch and ask me. I am always super happy to help.