Joey is well known in South Bristol for her warm-hearted approach to pregnancy, birth and babies. She is a Yoga Teacher with a wealth of experience, and her passion for empowering women radiates through all her classes and courses. She strives for mothers to make calm, informed, choices for a positive birth experience, and has helped hundreds of mothers-to-be, new mothers and couples with their birthing journeys. 

Joey has travelled all over the world in a strive for further learning and  knowledge of practices to bring the most authentic, relevant and life changing techniques to all her practices.


I first fell in love with the playfulness of movement that yoga brings, and later with the sense of empowerment, as the breath draws the mind inward and the rest of the world melts away. 

I went to India to train under the traditional teachings of Ganga Devi at The Himalayan Yoga Institute, and have since returned to complete my Advanced Training.

I am blessed to have found what really nourishes me in life. I feel so inspired when I see people develop intimate and supportive relationships with themselves. 

This led me to complete my pre and post natal yoga training, helping women to find enjoyment in their journey into motherhood. I went on to train inHypnobirthing, assisting women in experiencing a calm and connected birth, free from fear. I am lucky enough to have trained with Birthlight (perinatal yoga) and KG Hypnobirthing, both Gold standards in their fields. I am passionate about empowering women to reclaim their intuitive connection with their bodies.

I have also trained in Sacred Femininity, Qi Gong, trauma release, massage and healing (Universal Healing Tao – Mantak Chia). I learnt in a creative space on the island of Koh Phangan from some of the world’s leading Taoist teachers.

Forever a student, I have a strong, personal daily Rocket practice and am deeply grateful to all my teachers for helping cultivate an inner strength that I am compelled to share with others.

I love being part of people's personal journeys to more feeling energised, inspired, calm, and empowered.



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