"I spent most of my first day as a mother crying with gratitude, and I can't tell you how much of our experience is thanks to you Joey! I felt brave and calm (and stretchy!) and optimistic, and can't believe how wonderfully lucky we are.”

Anna, First Time Mum


 Empowered birthing in Bristol

Would you like a calm, empowered, positive birth experience?

Perhaps your last birth was everything you hoped it would be or perhaps

your birth took a different path. This course will remind you of all you learnt

before and process your previous birth experience.

What will I learn in a Hypnorbirthing refresher course? 

  • Physiology of birth – how to grow and birth a baby, calmly and comfortably

  • Breathing techniques to work with your birthing muscles to birth your baby more efficiently

  • Psychology of birth – how the mind triggers production of hormones that can help or hinder your birth experience

  • Techniques to reduce fear associated with childbirth so you can get excited about your birth

  • Use of positive affirmations and language

  • How to approach your birth as a team, connecting as a couple and parents-to-be. Empower your birth partner so they can be your support and advocate

  • What to ask medical professionals, when to ask them and when to let them take the lead

  • Knowledge, wisdom and confidence to make informed birth choices ensuring you remain calm and in control

  • How to create a birth proposal designed for a positive birth experience

  • What happens post-birth in “the golden hour” and beyond


What is included in the Hypnobirthing refresher course? 

  • 8 private refresher videos to watch with your Birth Partner

  • 30-40 minute 121 with me to ask all your questions and go through 

        anything personal to you, your pregnancy and your previous birth

  • A free Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation class

  • Ongoing email and phone support right up to your birth and beyond

  • An updated Joey Yoga manual with all your scripts and visualisations

  • The KG Hypnobirthing E-Book

  • Original MP3 Audio visualisation files plus NEW MP3s!

  • Increased likelihood of a natural birth with no pain relief

  • A new set of like-minded friends on the same journey as you

  • Monthly birth meet ups

  • All this for £79 per couple


All courses are back in person, unless Government Guidance changes. However, if you find yourself needing to isolate or attend from home, then you are always welcome to join us on Zoom. 


A calm gentle birth for you, means a calm, gentle birth for your baby .  . . what could be more important than that?




  • 95% of labour pain is a result of tension and fear. Hypnobirthing teaches you to break that fear-tension cycle allowing you to work with your body to open and soften

  • 20% more likely to have a natural birth

  • Our Mamas say they have shorter births with considerably less or no need for pain relief during the birthing process

  • Increased likelihood of having calm, content, breastfeeding ‘Hypno-babies’ as a result of an unmedicated birth

  • The opportunity for your birth partner to support you during your pregnancy, birth and early days of parent-hood

  • Work with your body, not against it for a calm, controlled birth

  • Quicker recovery post-birth for you to be the best Mama you can be

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