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"Before my pregnancy I had never heard of Hypnobirthing. The only choice that I thought I would have to make prior to giving birth was in which hospital or clinic. I was also frightened that I could potentially miss on the epidural if I didn’t get there on time, and that I could be released the same day - which is common practice in the UK but not in France where I am from..."

"I decided to go for a home birth as I do not like hospitals. Having started my pregnancy in London it wasn’t even mentioned as an option but when I had my booking appointment at 24 weeks when I moved to Bristol the midwife was really pro home birth and so I started to consider it. Having taken Joey’s hypnobirthing course and understanding a bit more about labour I made the decision to go for a home birth as I knew I would feel more comfortable and relaxed..." 

"I wrote this down the day after she was born, as it was such an overwhelmingly positive experience that I was still on a high from it!

My first birth was also positive, however we had to be on the obstetric ward at St Michael's hospital as my son had a heart condition, so had to be continuously monitored. The birth and delivery was all fine / normal (ie no intervention and standard vaginal delivery) although looking back I don't feel like I was in control of the surges or my breathing and this time round I wanted to feel more in control. I also tore (second degree) which wasn't anything major, but again I felt like I wanted to try and not do that again!...."

"Disclaimer – I am not trying to influence anyone’s decision with my story but just tell you my journey and how I used Hypnobirthing throughout.

My partner and I heard about Hypnobirthing through a friend and I was sold when the friend explained how she was so calm throughout the labour, she felt empowered, in the zone and even ‘enjoyed’ her labour. So we signed up to hypnobirthing with Joey and looked forward to learning new skills to apply to the magical, exciting experience of pregnancy and labour...."

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